Application Process

  1. Fill out the Application form

  2. If paying by EMT, send to with password: "rifles", someone will contact you to  give you a receipt

  3. If paying by cheque or cash, someone will contact you to arrange payment and to give you a receipt

  4. Someone will contact you to arrange an orientation

  5. Take orientation, pass written test

  6. You will then be given your membership card at the end of the orientation

Orientations will not be booked until payment is made in full.  In general, it usually takes about 1 to 3 weeks to go from filling out the form to completing an orientation depending on the time of year as well as your availability and that of the volunteer instructors.

Renewing Members

The renewal process is much the same as the application process except without the orientation.  Fill out the form every year you'd like to renew, pay then receive your card.


  • Individual Membership - $180

  • Senior Membership - $100 (Age 60+)

  • Family Membership - $180 for the first family member

  • Senior Family Membership - $100 for the first family member

  • Second Family Member - $85

  • Third Family Member - $65

  • Children Age 15 and Under - $15


Prorating **UPDATED Oct 5th, 2021**

We're often asked if we prorate memberships meaning that if you sign up later in the year, do you get a discount?  Yes and no.  Renewing members do not qualify for prorating.  If new members join in October, they will pay $15 for that month + $15 for November + $15 for December + the full fee for the next calendar year.