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We are a community of shooters located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario.  We're always looking for new members to join the club.  Please note that the range is MEMBERS ONLY and is not open to the public.

Trap Range - Range 1

Shoot clay pigeons year-round on the trap range!  We have an electric trap thrower that makes for a great afternoon.  

Bring your hand tosser in the winter; like the bears, the electric thrower hibernates.

We host “trap nights” every Thursday (weather permitting) from end of April to mid-October. Bring your shotgun, ammo and $5 per round of 25 clays.

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Precision Range - Range 2

Newly operational (Summer 2023) 400-yard range. Shoot targets or the steel gong at 400 yards. Shooting Positions: 3 prone, 4 seated.

This range is for QUALIFIED members only.  For members looking to qualify, please download this document.

Action Range - Range 3

IPSC approved action range where you can practice with your pistol, rifle and/or shotgun.  

We host club matches "Pistol Nights" that are usually held on Tuesday evenings during the summer months. Bring your pistol, your holster, ammo and $5.

100 Yard Range - Range 4

Heated (wood) indoor shooting facility for rifle and shotguns (slugs only). 

Please note: Pistols are not permitted on this range

25 Yard Range - Range 5

Outdoor shooting facility for rifles, pistols and shotguns (slugs only). 

50 Yard Range - Range 6

Outdoor shooting facility for rifles, pistols and shotguns (slugs only). 

200 Yard Rifle Range - Range 7


Outdoor shooting facility for Rifles and Shotguns (slugs only). 

Archery Ranges

Outdoor 110 Yard Archery Range with a simulated tree stand. We also have a heated indoor 20 Yard Archery Range.

3D targets are available at both ranges. Field tips only.

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